Tamarind Partners provides a broad array of consulting services; from supporting family offices with research on best practices, to strategic thinking on the cost/benefits of various paths, Tamarind has a powerful network of leading family office thinkers and experts.  Tamarind can advise with client and employee satisfaction surveys to facilitate family meetings and support strategic planning efforts. Tamarind can be helpful with the development and support of new leadership (family or non-family) as well as helpful in gauging strategy for garnering family member involvement in the family office.  Tamarind applies action research to inform its process consultation approach, feeding back real-time insight and information during the consultation agreement to aid family office owners and leaders. Tamarind recognizes the importance of involvement from stakeholders in order to engender commitment to the process. Understanding how to bring the best of families and organizations to bear during the change management process is a strength of Tamarind Partners.

Full list of services we provide

  • Family Office Advisement
  • Research on Best Practices
  • Strategic Thinking on Cost/Benefits
  • Access to Powerful Network of Leading Family Office Experts & Thinkers
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Job and Task Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Specialized Retreats, Workshops and Meetings
  • Values, Mission and Vision Advisement
  • Next Generation Planning & Mentoring
  • Family Governance
  • Family Education
  • Action Research and Industry Research
  • Coaching and Leadership Development

How We Work

Tamarind Partners recognizes the importance of understanding the client first before making any type of recommendation. The first stage of our process is to discover the core issues facing the client produce a needs assessment and determine the parameters of the engagement. Through in-person or phone interviews, Tamarind works with the key stakeholders to understand all sides of the issues at hand. Additionally, Tamarind Partners works closely with several top tier family office experts and advisors and depending on the nature of the engagement will make recommendations of partners to the client on a case-by-case basis. Tamarind has a minimum scope of service and works on a retainer on a project basis for an agreed upon duration. Tamarind will make recommendations to other consultants, providers and/or experts for needs outside our expertise or advisement capacity.

Who We Serve

Tamarind works with a number of individuals, families and organizations within the family business and family office space. From the experts, technicians, and advisors who cater to family offices, to the professional organizations, conference providers, institutions and providers to family office, Tamarind understands the family office from a multiple of lenses. From leading edge research into the family office marketplace, to tailored plans to enhance service and delivery to family offices, Tamarind provides insights, education and information on the direction, needs and preferences of the family office marketplace