Kirby Rosplock Interviewed on Daughters In Charge Podcast

Kirby Rosplock, author of The Complete Family Office Handbook, was recently interviewed by Amy Katz on the Daughters in Charge Podcast Series. The podcast explores the family office landscape, and discusses what a family office and how to know when one is right for affluent families.

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"Family Offices: Five C Trends" by Kirby Rosplock and Barbara Hauser Published on Wealth-X

The whitepaper "Family Offices: Five C Trends", coauthored by Kirby Rosplock and Barbara Hauser, was recently published on Wealth-X. The paper discusses current trends in the family office realm after the fall-out from the global financial crisis, and how wealth is changing and evolving. These trends include, creation of more family offices, consolidation of older SFOs, confusion in the industry, certification desires and cross-country alliances.

About Wealth-X

From their website: "Wealth-X is the global authority on wealth intelligence, providing sales, marketing, strategy and compliance solutions to clients in the financial services, luxury, not-for-profit and education sectors. Our members identify, develop and enhance relationships with high net worth and ultra-affluent individuals as a direct result of working with Wealth-X. Our award-winning research and thought leadership are regularly cited by the world’s media such as CNBC, Financial Times, Thomson Reuters and BBC."

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Kirby Rosplock Shortlisted for the Family Wealth Report Awards 2015

Kirby Rosplock of Tamarind Partners has been shortlisted for the Family Wealth Report Awards in the category of Outstanding Contribution to Wealth Management Thought Leadership. 

Showcasing ‘best of breed’ providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities, the awards were designed to recognise companies, teams and individuals which the prestigious panel of judges deemed to have ‘demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2014’.  

Commenting on her shortlisting, Kirby Rosplock, said: "I am delighted to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award. It is a great honour to be recognised for outstanding thought leadership and this is testament to hard work over the last 12 months.  

For full press release  Press-Release-Family-Wealth-Report-Awards-Shortlist.pdf

The Tricky Balance of Marketing to the Affluent

The rich spend money very differently than the rest of us — or so we mere mortals with middle-class and lower-tiered bank balances imagine. Most of us don't have the first-hand shopping experience of rubbing luxury-garbed shoulders with the sumptuously perfumed rich.

“You don’t really typically see movie stars walking into the grocery store to pick up milk. They have a handler, they have a housekeeper,” says Kirby Rosplock, author of “The Complete Family Office Handbook,” and a fourth-generation member of a family business.

Rosplock, whom it might be accurate to categorize as wealthy, says, “I guess it depends on who’s categorizing me, because I’m not wealthy compared to a Warren Buffett or Carl Icahn.”

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Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurs’ Engagement in Philanthropy

Little academic research exists on the juncture of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. A just-released Kauffman-funded book, Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurs’ Engagement in Philanthropy, explores how and why successful entrepreneurs become engaged in philanthropy. Available in hardcopy and ebook, the book includes a compilation of essays by 31 academics and experts who offer an understanding of entrepreneurs in their for-profit world and an understanding of the world of philanthropy. The essays address the motivations that drive entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and the social and political environments that are conducive to their success.

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Opal's Family Office Forum Tackles Tough Questions

Opal Financial Group hosts their 8th annual Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum July 21-23, convening top-tier family offices, investment advisors and product providers from around the world.  Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Founder and CEO of Tamarind Partners and author of, The Complete Family Office Handbook/ A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them, released by Wiley/Bloomberg in January 2014, will moderate a panel on “Family Office Governance and Succession Strategies” with leading family office panelists:

Barbara Hauser, Global Family Advisor, Barbara R. Hauser LLC

Doug Hood, Founder of Impactful Family Conversations

Elaine King, Director of Family Governance and Education at WE Family Office

Rhona Vogel, CEO and Founder of Vogel Consulting

The panel will discuss the importance of governance practices as well as share examples of succession strategies by explaining why both pieces are needed to ensure the longevity of a family’s wealth.  

For full press release: Opal-Governance-Panel-Release-7-9-14.docx

Kirby's Co-Author from Withers Bergman Reveals Research on the New Meaning of Wealth

New research by international law firm Withers Bergman, drawing directly on interviews with high net worth families, has revealed a fundamental re-evaluation of the purposes of wealth and family businesses.  In the words of one American interviewee, as they assessed their wealth, “Success is about the joy of being able to contribute to society and finding a theme to support that is worthwhile.”

The report examines the changing dynamics of family wealth between generations in Asia, Europe and the U.S. While the desire to give wealth a purpose exists across cultures and generations, the research demonstrates that this is currently most evident and active in the U.S.

For press release click here. WB-Wealth-Research-Press-Release.doc

For research report click here. Withers-The-Meaning-of-Wealth-in-the-21st-Century.pdf

Private Wealth Focus Interview

Kirby Rosplock, author of the new book The Complete Family Office Handbook: A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them, and contributing author Mark Tice spoke with PWF about how the book aims to guide the industry through the maze of regulatory issues, fraud protection and the ever-present succession planning dilemma that families face. 

Rosplock, founder of the family advisory firm Tamarind Partners, was inspired to write the book after working on a research project and witnessing the huge gaps in knowledge and functioning systems between family offices. She invited five Withers Bergman attorneys to join as contributors on additional areas of the family office niche. Rosplock found that many families lacked cohesive guidelines on how to set up and function. “My research affirmed how fragmented this space is and the need to continually bring resources and thinking together. A lot of the language has become co-opted,” Rosplock explained.  

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Journal of Wealth Management Book Review on The Complete Family Office Handbook

The Complete Family Office Handbook (Wily/Bloomberg Press), a new book by Kirby Rosplock, should be on the desk of anyone who has reason to understand how a family office works. Written by an individual who has served in the industry and represents a family who has received services from it, the book is meant to cover all the various facets that the wealthy or those who serve them should know. Rosplock covers a wide variety of topics and has enlisted a number of experts to write or co-write five of the 15 chapters; the book can thus fairly be represented as a reference text for anyone in or working with the wealth-management industry.

For complete book review, click here: JOWM-The-Complete-Family-Office-Book-Review.pdf