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img kirby rosplockKirby Rosplock, PhD is a recognized researcher, innovator, advisor, author, and speaker in the family business and family office realms. As the founder of Tamarind Partners, Inc., a research, advisory and consultancy practice that works with families, advisors and institutions connected to the family office market, Rosplock provides leading edge insights and knowledge to the family office domain. 

Kirby Rosplock earned her undergraduate degree with honors from Middlebury College, an MBA from Marquette University, with an emphasis in private equity finance and entrepreneurship and has her PhD in Organizational Systems from Saybrook University, where she focused on change management as it applies to affluent families. Her dissertation was entitled, “Women’s Interest, Attitudes and Involvement with their Wealth.” Her passion and love of writing inspired her to write The Complete Family Office Handbook, A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them, published by Wiley/Bloomberg January 2014. 

Dr. Rosplock is a student of the family business and the family office. Her early career started in a broker-dealer working with accredited investors typically who made their wealth in a family business and her focus was in private equity. She worked full-time while completing her MBA at Marquette University in the evenings, and then continued to work full-time while completing her PhD at Saybrook University. Her PhD is in Organizational Systems, and her studies married learnings from the Marriage and Family Therapy discipline as well as Organizational Psychology and Change Management, Her dissertation was on “Women’s Interest, Attitudes, and Involvement with their Wealth” (2007).

For nearly a decade, Dr. Rosplock was director of research & development at GenSpring Family Offices, based in Jupiter, Florida, one of the most prominent multi-family offices in the U.S.  Dr. Rosplock started Tamarind Partners Inc., a consulting firm with a wide array of services for affluent families, family offices, as well as the advisors and the institutions who serve them. Dr. Rosplock knows firsthand the complexity of wealth in a multi-generational, business-owning family as 4th generation owner, beneficiary, board member and trustee of her family’s foundation. Dr. Rosplock has spent most of her career building the skills, acumen and direct experience working with families in a highly customized fashion.

A board member of Family Enterprise USA, a non-profit advocacy organization for family enterprise, a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and Co-trustee of the Harbeck Family Foundation, Rosplock is a global advisor to financial institutions, families, family office executives and multi-family office and wealth advisors. Determining who should consider forming or joining a family office, and how to craft and set up a structure, purpose and vision for the office to fully serve a family’s particular needs and investment are her areas of expertise.

Dr. Rosplock is married with two daughters. She resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


Dr. Rosplock’s blog features thinkers and experts in the family office space as well as covers topical issues from The Complete Family Office Handbook as well as current issues facing family offices.

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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Rosplock is a recognized speaker, moderator and facilitator for more than a decade. She has presented globally to a wide array of audiences on a wide gamut of topics. Below is a partial list of past organizations she has presented to as well as topics she has addressed.

  • Women & Wealth Forum (2007, 2008)
  • Miami Estate Planning Council (2007)
  • Family Firm Institute Annual Conference (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Family Office Exchange (2009)
  • Institute for Private Investors (2008)
  • UW-Madison’s Family Business Center (2009)
  • the Luxury Marketing Council in Sarasota, Tampa and Palm Beach (2008)
  • Family Wealth Alliance (2009, 2014)
  • Family Enterprise Research Conference (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Family Office Symposium (2009)
  • St. Martin County Estate Planning (2009)
  • GenSpring’s Women’s Retreat (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011)
  • GenSpring’s Family Symposium (2007, 2008, 2009, 2012)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong Family Business Center (2012)
  • Terrapin’s Asian Family Office Forum (2011, 2012),
  • IvyPlus (2012, 2013m 2014)
  • Terrapin Americas (2012, 2013),
  • Family Office Conference Transitions Family Business Conference (2011)
  • The Purposeful Planning Institute Rendez Vous (2012).
  • Private Wealth Network in Australia (May 2013)
  • Opal Family Office Conferences (2013, 2014)
  • Marcus Evans Elite Summit (2014)
  • Fidelity Family Office (2014)

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Dr. Rosplock has had several media engagements over the past decade. Dr. Rosplock was interviewed by Robert Frank, author of Richistan and interviewed by Sean Cole of NPR’s Marketplace (2008). She was featured in Wealth Manager Magazine (May 2009). The Sustaining the Family Enterprise Research won a Family Owners Business Institute Award in 2011 and was recipient to the best poster award at FERC in 2010. Dr. Rosplock was interviewed by Sally Hership for NPR’s Marketplace (2014). Dr. Rosplock has been featured in Wealth Manager Magazine (2009), in Barron’s Penta (2014) among other publications.

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Author Accomplishments

Dr. Rosplock released The Complete Family Office Handbook (Wiley/Bloomberg, 2014) which provides insight into the opaque realm of the family office. From how family offices operate  to who should consider forming or joining one, and how to craft and set up a structure, purpose and vision for the office that fully serves a family’s particular needs and investment goals. The Complete Family Office Handbookprovides critical guideposts. Whether you’re a wealth creator, a member of a wealthy family considering forming or joining a family office, or a professional contemplating a career in this growing segment of the wealth management industry, this comprehensive guide provides insights to some of the most common questions and misperceptions. Find out what aspects of the family office are right for you and your clients.

Topics addressed in the book include:

  • Typical pathways to a family office and different family office archetypes
  • Structural, legal, compliance and regulatory issues of the family office and implications of Dodd-Frank
  • Devising an investment management approach and weighing a family’s lifestyle and legacy objectives
  • Evaluating the operations and information technology needs of the family office and assessing size, scale, cost, and complexity issue
  • Managing talent in the family office and trends in compensations, incentives performance management, recruitment, and retention
  • Charitable giving, philanthropy and legacy as keys to building bridges across generations
  • Preparing heirs and avoiding entitlement issues of “wonder, blunder, dunder” through education and mentoring
  • Comparing women and men’s approach to managing family wealth (with women comprising 11% of UHNW individuals in the world)
  • Differences among men and women when it comes to wealth transfer and legacy intentions
  • Family entrepreneurship and the family bank
  • Globalization of the family office

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Dr. Rosplock is also recognized for numerous articles, white papers, book chapters, and research reports including “The 25 Best Practice of Multi-generational Families” (GenSpring, 2007), “Myth or Reality: What do Women really want?” (GenSpring, 2006), “The Report of Findings: GenSpring’s Women & Wealth Study” (GenSpring, 2006), “The Report of Findings: GenSpring’s Men & Wealth Study” (GenSpring, 2008), “The Report of Findings: GenSpring’s Wealth Alignment study” (GenSpring, 2008) and “Overcoming Prenup Paralysis” (Family Business Magazine (FBM), 2010), “Being Green” (FBM, 2012) and “Sustaining the Family Enterprise: Intersection of the Family Business & the Family Office” (GenSpring, 2012).

She was the editor of GenSpring’s 20th Anniversary book, A Family’s Guide to Wealth: Insights from Thought Leaders and Pioneers (2009). Dr. Rosplock authored two book chapters in 2011 entitled “Wealth Management and the Family Office: Neglected Research Opportunities” in the Springer International Entrepreneurship Series edited by Alan Carsrud and Malin Brannback, Eds. And a second chapter entitled “Family Outcomes: Enhancing Family Business Success” that is included in a special volume on family business research edited by Ritch Sorenson, PhD, Andy Yu, PhD and David Deeds, PhD published by Edward Elgar. Dr. Rosplock currently has also published in the Journal of Wealth Management, “Gender Matters: Men’s and Women’s Perceptions of Wealth are mostly Aligned”. (May, 2010). Dr. Rosplock co-authored two articles on entrepreneurship in family offices in The Journal of Family Business Strategy (2013) and the Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship (2013). Dr. Rosplock co-authored with Dr. Frank Hoy the book chapter, “Issues in multi-generation family companies”(2014) in the Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurs’ Engagement in Philanthropy edited by Marilyn L. Taylor, Robert J. Strom and David O. Renz (Edward Elgar, 2014).